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Pre-Publishing Services

Manuscript Assessments

A manuscript assessment is often the first step to realising your potential, but it is a brave step to hand over your precious work to a stranger. We bear this in mind with an assessment that is sensitive while critical, encouraging while realistic. We know that producing any complete manuscript is a feat in itself.

Manuscript Edit

If you are seeking to publish with Sidharta Books & Print, you have been through our assessment procedure and we assume you are satisfied with the approach and comments of your assessor. This should give you some confidence to take the next step, to work with our editor on the full edit of your manuscript to prepare it for publication.


Working together to improve or "polish" a manuscript can be one of the most rewarding, if at times arduous, parts of writing.

Sidharta Books & Print

  • are dedicated to encouraging and supporting the development of fine writing through their assessment and manuscript editing services.
  • subject to the assessment process, publishes works of merit in Hard Copies, Print on Demand and eBooks through the worldwide Amazon system and also all mainstream eBook platforms.