Manuscript Submission Guidelines making sense of the publishing business…

The Advance Review (Galley) Process

Once your submission has been assessed and you have considered suggestions regarding structure or other important issues that might have arisen as a result of editing staff’s scrutiny, you might wish to consider engaging our editors for a full line edit and producing a limited print run of what the industry refers to as advance review copies, also known as ‘galleys’. This process is one suitable only for work that has merit and recommended by the Sid Harta editors. What is an advance review book? This is, in reality, is a finished book sample. The galley (remove pls) process is one that is often taken to determine market response to a book prior to committing to a commercial print run, solicit reviews and even to demonstrate one's talent to those all elusive agents. The book is digitally produced for review purposes and to seek potential buying response from major chains and independent booksellers. The galley (remove please) process takes approximately six months through to the review stage. This is how it works: The author agrees to pay for the cost of production of galleys (remove and replace with advance review copies) which involves line editing, typesetting, cover design, printing of the galleys(replace with books) and postage to potential book buyers, reviewers and distributors. It is important for authors who had considered self-publishing to recognize that, with the exception of the cost of printing the galleys, all of the above costs would be incurred in the normal course of publishing their work anyway. So, why not give yourself the added advantage of this step?


Sid Harta’s editors work together with the author to line edit the manuscript, chapter by chapter until it is ready for typesetting. During this process (duration really depends on how much time the author has to discuss the manuscript by email or post but usually takes approximately two, three months) the draft cover design is prepared for the author’s approval.
With editing complete the work is sent in to the typesetters who, upon completion, forward the project to our printers who produce 15 galley copies.
This is not Vanity Press – this is a process that gives the author an edge by producing a polished product for consideration by mainstream publishing houses and literary agents.
Once the books have been produced (ten copies are sent to the author, additional copies are made available if requested) and reviews are returned, the author would still be at liberty to offer the book to other publishing houses and, of course, literary agents.