Manuscript Submission Guidelines making sense of the publishing business…

Co-Publishing & Other Options

Preparing your book for publication

Once your manuscript has been professionally assessed, and is recommended by our editors and the Advance Review books have been produced:-

We will

  1. Offer you one of the following options based on the review response and our distributors evaluation of the market potential of your title:
    1. Traditional publishing. We will provide a methodology where costs incurred by you to that point are recovered and you are paid a royalty based on sales. Print and promotional costs would be borne by Sid Harta Publishers.
    2. Co-publishing. We would offer to fund the further printing and promotion on the basis of 50-50 with you.
    3. Printing a limited print run. This would usually be between 500 and 1,000 copies. You would fund this cost and we would manage the project for you, providing distribution via our network.
    4. Upload the book worldwide on Amazon and also to eBook platforms.
  2. provide free quotes so you know exactly what your book will cost to publish before outlaying anything.
  3. show you samples of current Sid Harta titles, so you can see how your book might look when finished.
  4. offer you a contract to produce and promote your book
  5. arrange an ISBN for your title
  6. manage the publishing and production process
    ... starting with a full edit, conducted personally and confidentially, and
    ... arranging typesetting and layout, cover and book design.
  7. add reviews to the cover artwork, then instruct the printers to produce your book
  8. send copies of your book to literary editors for additional promotional purposes, and deposit copies
  9. list your book on our websites
  10. assist to arrange your book-signing and author's tour, newspaper and other media interviews
  11. oversee the distribution of all orders, and maintain a bi-annual reporting of all transactions to the author when requested.


Sid Harta Publishers will only consider manuscripts that are first submitted to our editors for assessment. We will not publish, or permit the use of our imprint on titles that are Vanity Press in nature. Nor will we publish subjects such as pornography, or any other material that could be considered offensive.

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