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Manuscript Assessments

A manuscript assessment is often the first step to realising your potential, but it is a brave step to hand over your precious work to a stranger. We bear this in mind with an assessment that is sensitive while critical, encouraging while realistic. We know that producing any manuscript is a feat in itself.

Categories we accept

Fiction such as romance, historical romance, saga, crime, legal, humour, science fiction, fantasy and children's. Non-fiction such as biography, autobiography and history, including Australian, business/corporate and family. Poetry and short story. illustrated and non-genre works.

We are also interested in non-genre works.

We are equipped to handle manuscripts from North America and the United Kingdom as well as Australia and English translations from other languages.

What we do for you

  1. provide a comprehensive report on aspects of the story, or content, characters, structure, and language and grammar, outlining strengths and weaknesses
  2. offer guidance for self-editing and style improvement
  3. let you know, within your category, your potential for publication
  4. ensure confidentiality in all communications
  5. return your assessment and manuscript within four to six weeks
  6. pay special attention to the first-time author

What we don't do for you

  1. guarantee publication
  2. act as a literary agent
  3. give misleading hope with a false "glowing report"

What we require of you

  • the manuscript to be your own personal and original work
  • your research to be correct in matters of fact
  • submission of your manuscript in hard copy, 12-point font and double-line spacing; number of words, synopsis and brief description of major characters, table of contents or indication of chapter or section divisions
  • a brief covering letter with details about yourself relevant to your work
  • enclosure of an SSAE (Stamped Self Addressed Envelope) for us to return your manuscript and assessment
  • enclosure of cheque for relevant fee for service